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Ring our main telephone line on 01777 713330 to book an appointment. Say immediately if your call is an emergency.

Your condition may be assessed by a triage Doctor, who will then either provide you with advice or give you an appointment to see a doctor, nurse or other health professional.

If your condition is non urgent, you can expect to see a GP within two to seven working days, though you may have to wait longer if you want to see a particular G.P.

The nurses based in our practice treat patients for a wide range of common conditions.

Telephone Consultations

We can also provide you with a telephone consultation, if this is more appropriate, e.g. for advice, test results or other query. Please request a telephone appointment when speaking to the receptionist.

If you need to speak to a doctor urgently, we will either put you through as soon as we can or take your telephone number and the doctor will ring you back when possible.


If the doctor or nurse considers it appropriate, you will be offered the presence of a chaperone during your consultation, or you may request one.

Alternatively, you may prefer to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointment.