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    Facts About Rubella

    • It is a viral infection to which those who have not been immunised against it are most vulnerable.
    • Incubation period: 14-21 days .
    • Starts with symptoms of a mild cold. Sometimes a little aching of joints.
    • Rash is flat on the skin, pale pink 2-4 mm patches, non-itchy and appears over 1-2 days over the body and limbs.
    • Infectious period: One week before and at least 4-5 days after the rash first appears.
    • Difficult to diagnose with certainty.
    • Neck glands may be swollen.
    • Child won’t usually feel unwell.

    What To Do

    • Give plenty to drink.
    • Keep your child away from anybody you know who is up to 4 months pregnant (or trying to get pregnant).
    • If contact made with anyone pregnant before you know about the illness, let her know so she can go and consult her doctor or midwife.
    • If an unimmunised pregnant woman catches Rubella (German measles) in the first 4 months of pregnancy, there is a risk of damage to her baby.