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    It is another viral infection which is spread by breathing in infected cough droplets. It is most common during the winter months. It is not uncommon for symptoms to last for up to or more than a week.

    There is no cure for influenza and the aim is to alleviate the symptoms. Antibiotics are useless for influenza so you do not need to see a doctor unless complications arise.


    • Fever and shivering
    • Headaches, and general aches and pains
    • Dry cough
    • Sometimes sore throat and nausea
    • Tiredness, feeling faint and dizzy
    • Loss of appetite

    What To Do

    • Drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration
    • Take paracetamol regularly to reduce temperature and relieve aches and pains
    • inhale steam

    Complications of the Flu

    • Bacterial infection on top of the viral infection
    • Pneumonia/chest infection – this can be serious and cause death particularly with the elderly and those vulnerable (see below).

    Flu Jabs

    Why Should I Get A Flu Jab?

    • It can give 70 – 80% protection against infection by the Flu virus
    • It reduces the likelihood of pneumonia/chest infection
    • It reduces the likelihood of hospital admission
    • It reduces the likelihood of death due to complications of the Flu

    When Should The Flu Jabs Be Given?

    • Protection against the Flu may take 10-14 days to develop after having the Flu jab
    • October/Early November is the ideal time to get the Flu jab
    • Protection can be expected to last throughout the Winter
    • You should have a Flu jab every year because it is a different one each year

    How Do I Get A Flu Jab?

    • A letter is sent every year in Autumn to those patients eligible for a Flu jab, inviting them to attend the Health Fair at Retford Town Hall, where all the medical practices are represented, to have their jabs.
    • If you receive a letter and are unable to attend the Health Fair, have missed it, or do not wish to have the Flu jab, please telephone the surgery.

    Common Myths About Flu

    • Flu jabs contain inactivated virus and thus cannot cause influenza/flu.
    • Sometimes they can cause a little soreness at the injection site and rarely fever/tiredness/muscle pains approximately 6-12 hours after the jab.
    • Flu-like illnesses can be caused by many other viruses – Flu jabs will not prevent these.
    • There are many strains of Flu/influenza viruses. Flu jabs will not prevent all types but give some protection against those strains most likely to cause a problem in the forthcoming winter.