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    How Do I Register For Online Services?

Online Services (SystmOnline)

With online services, you can book / cancel appointments and order your repeat medication!
Give the surgery a call and our friendly reception team will issue you your Online Services account.
You login details will then be posted to you. Alternatively, you can drop by reception to pick up your details.

How to use SystmOnline

SystmOnline is quick and easy to use. Click here to read our useful guide.

Privacy Policy

Please use the Online Services responsibly. In the case of any abuse of the service, Riverside Health Centre / Riverside Harworth can revoke your login details, stopping you accessing the service. Examples of irresponsible use of the system may include, but are not limited to:

- Registering at a GP practice when you have no intention of using it as your usual GP practice.
- Registering at a GP practice outside your catchment area.
- Booking appointments you have no intention of attending.
- Repeatedly booking and then cancelling appointments.
- Repeatedly requesting prescriptions that you do not need.