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    2018 Practice Merge

    Riverside Health Centre and Misterton Group Practice are pleased to inform patients that it is our intention to merge the two practices by March 2018.

    Both practices work hard to deliver excellent patient care. We believe that merging will enable us to combine the clinical resources of both practices to deliver a sustainable high-quality primary care service in a currently pressured NHS.
    Our vision is to collectively provide and maintain an outstanding patient service and position ourselves to meet future demands within an evolving NHS landscape.

    We believe that the merger will make it possible for us to:

    • Better plan the services we can offer to our patients
    • Tailor our services to the needs of our patient population
    • Structure our non-clinical workload to allow Doctors and Nurses to spend less time on paperwork
    • Offer more varied appointment times at different locations
    • Offer patient access to services over 4 sites.
    • Continue to offer a high-quality primary care service
    • Ensure the future stability and resilience of our practices
    • Provide more development opportunities for our staff and invest in Bassetlaw’s future general practice workforce
    • Be in a stronger position to collaborate within primary, community and secondary care within Bassetlaw in line with the General Practice Forward View and Bassetlaw CCG’s vision for Primary Care Home.


    Why are the practices merging?
    We are sure patients are aware of the increased pressures placed on General Practice over the last few years. Increased demand, an ageing population, increased chronic disease identification and workload from secondary care moving into the community has impacted the service we deliver. Coupled with fewer GP’s and Nurses choosing a career in General Practice, maintaining both practice’s high quality service is a concern. To ensure we can deliver a sustainable high quality service we believe merging will enable us to combine clinical resources into the future.

    “Is the merger supported by NHS England and Bassetlaw CCG?”
    We have discussed our plans with NHS England and Bassetlaw CCG both of whom are supporting the proposed merger.

    “When are the practices merging?”
    We will merge fully early March 2018, until this time both surgeries will be working in the background to align administrative processes and look at cross site working with clinical staff to offer improved services to patients.

    “Will I have to travel to other surgeries to see other doctors or nurses I don’t know?”
    One of the reasons for the merger is to maintain access for patients, all surgery sites will remain open and patients will still be able to see the clinician of their choice. We are committed to providing continuity of care to our patients and will do our best to provide this.

    “Will I still be able to contact my surgery on the same telephone number?”
    Patients will still use the current surgery numbers to contact us.

    Will the merged practice have a new name?”
    No, the practices will keep the same names.

    “Will I be able to book appointments in the same way?”
    Yes, you will continue to be able to make appointments in person at reception, by phone or online.

    “Will the surgery times change?”
    No, the surgery times will remain the same.

    Patient Information Sessions

    We will be holding information sessions if you have any more questions:

    Date: Monday 5th February 2018
    Time: 12:30PM – 1:30PM
    Address: Riverside Walk, Retford, DN22 6FB

    Date: Tuesday 6th February 2018
    Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM
    Address: Marsh Lane, Misterton, DN10 4DL

    Date: Wednesday 28th February 2018
    Time: 12:00PM – 1:00PM
    Address: Leys Lane, Gringley-on-the-Hill, DN10 4QU