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    Antibiotic Awareness Day – 18th November 2017

    Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them puts you and your family at risk!

    Saturday 18th November 2017 is European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD.)

    The problem

    Antibiotics treat infections by killing bacteria, but now the bacteria are fighting back. Out medicines are becoming less effective which means more deaths and more complications for people receiving treatment in hospital. We have to tackle this problem before it gets worse.

    Actions to take

    • Don’t ask for antibiotics – treat your cold and flu symptoms with pharmacist advice and over the counter medicines.
    • Take antibiotics exactly as prescribed – never same them for later and never share them with others.
    • Spread the word – tell your friends and family about antibiotic resistance!

    For more information and to become an Antibiotic Guardian. Visit: www.antibioticguardian.com

    Sources: Antibiotic Guardian | Public Health England