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    Hepatitis B vaccinations are no longer issued for Occupational Health reasons

    Riverside Health Centre follows the Green Book Guidance on immunisations and delivers immunisations to all age groups as per the NHS GMS Contract. The clinical benefits of Hepatitis B immunisations are clear and we provide vaccination to patients who are eligible. This policy has been created in line with GPC & BMA Guidance.

    Current obligations regarding Hepatitis B for travel and occupational health are explained below;


    Hepatitis B vaccination may be given for travel purposes by GP surgeries. Where the practice feels it’s appropriate a charge may be levied for the vaccination. Technically the practice may charge any patient a private fee for hepatitis B for travel, as long as it is not a combined vaccination with hepatitis A which must be given on the NHS.

    The green book advises on what to give when.

    Occupational health:

    It is the General Practitioners Committee & BMA view that there is no obligation under the GMS regulations for a practice to provide occupational health services for patients. The responsibility rests with the employer under Health & Safety Legislation, and in occupations where there is a risk to health from any form of work related infection it is the employer’s duty to assess that risk and, if present to protect the workforce.

    The same applies for health care students (medical and nursing students) who often request a hepatitis B immunisation prior to, or on entering a course. Medical schools are legally responsible for providing a full occupational health service to their students and applicants.



    Riverside Health Centre will not provide Hepatitis B vaccination for occupation health reasons to anyone. Employers have a legal responsibility to assess risk and to protect its staff. Hepatitis B travel vaccination’s where appropriate after travel consultation will be provided to patients and may incur a cost (please see the patient fee list).