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Marking 75 years since VE Day

We will remember them.

Today, May 8th, the nation will stand united and remember 75th year marking the end of the second world war in Europe. On the 7th of May 75 years ago, Winston Churchill announced the official end of the war within Europe. Germany’s unconditional surrender with Britain that came into affect the following day, May 8th, hence why today is the day it is celebrated.

Though this marked of the war within Europe, outside the war continued. The war didn’t officially end until 2nd September 1945 when the Japanese officially surrendered, marking the official end of the war.

Upon the announcement of the end of the war, millions of people took to the streets in celebration to the end of the war that had raged on for the past 6 years, starting in 1939. In celebration, people lit bonfires, colourful bunting and flags soon flew the streets of town and cities all around the country.

Though today we celebrate and remember the people who fought in the war we also must remember them. At 11 O’clock today we at riverside, we will take 2 minuets silence to remember those who fought in the war.

The 2 minuets silence comes from Armistice Day, November 11th 1919, that marked the first time a 2 minuets silence would occur in England. The idea was proposed by a journalist George Edward Honey, seen as a “respectful silence to remember those who had fought in the war”. This was brought to the attention of King George V, who then issued a proclamation which called for 2 minuets silence at 11 O’clock.