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Nasal Flu – 2014

Protecting your child against Flu this Winter

This year, two, three and four year-olds are being offered a vaccine against flu.

The nasal flu vaccine will be offered to all children aged 2 to 4 from October 2014.

5 reasons to get your child vaccinated:

1) Nasal spray vaccine to protect children aged two years and older against Flu is effective and has an excellent safety record.

2) The vaccine was introduced in the UK in 2013/14, it is easy to give, is painless, and has been used in other countries for a number of years.

3) Flu can be a nasty illness that can lead to a stay in hospital, especially for children with other medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.Child_Holding_a_ball

4) If your child gets flu they won’t be able to go to school/nursery for several days and will need to be cared for at home. You may have to take time off to look after them.

5) Protecting your child can stop the flu spreading to other children he/she may come into contact with, and to the rest of the family, in particular to infants and grandparents, who may be at particular risk from flu.


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