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    Keep Warm Keep Well

    Stay Well This Winter

    Winter brings many challenges for patients, it may be getting cold outside, but winter needn’t be the unhealthiest time of the year for you & your family.

    Below are 5 ways to stay healthy this winter.

    1. Eliminate your sleep debt; catch up on some sleep, with longer nights winter is the ideal time to hibernate a little more.

    2. Drink more milk; your 80% more likely to get a cold in winter, so keeping your immune system in perfect working order is important. Milk and dairy products are great sources of protein, vitamin A and B12 which are essential for our immune system.

    3. Keep warm this winter; keeping warm can help prevent colds, flu, depression, heart attacks and strokes. The ideal temperature for your home is at least 18 degrees.

    4. Eat more fruit & veg; food is a vital source of energy and helps keep our bodies warm.

    5. Have the flu vaccine; flu symptoms can hit suddenly and severely & make existing health conditions worse. If you’re eligible for a flu vaccine make an appointment and protect yourself this winter.