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  • G.P. Training

We are a GP Training Practice and have a GP Registrar with us for periods of 4 to 12 months. Our GP Trainers are:

Dr Kartik Gopidas
Dr Helen Kirby-Blount

A Registrar is a qualified doctor who can prescribe and refer for hospital appointments. Our registrars have surgeries on most days.

Currently, we have 4 Registrars:

  • Dr Norris (Female)
  • Dr Andra-Lorena Clarke-Smith (Female)
  • Dr Alexandra Brown (Female)

Medical students and Nursing students also attend the practice from time to time. We hope that you will co-operate with us and help the students to learn about general practice. However, you will be informed of their presence in advance, and if you do not want them to be present at a consultation, your wishes will be respected. This will not affect your treatment in any way.

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