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    Get involved and make sure this is the Riverside Health Centre you want.

Our mission in partnership with our patients is to develop and deliver clinical excellence. We will put patients at the heart of all we do. We will be committed to get it right first time in a way that fully satisfies our holistic approach to patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Key Objectives

The purpose of the Riverside Patient Participation Group is to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided and, over time, commissioned by our practice.

We see patient participation as an ongoing programme and will report as and when changes occur rather than on an annual basis.

We are not just asking you what you think, but we aim to act on what you are telling us to make the practice a better place. We want our patients being involved in decisions that lead to changes to the services the practice provides or commissions, either directly or in its capacity as gatekeeper to other services.

We promote the proactive engagement of our Patients through our Patient Participation Groups and to seek views from practice patients through the use of a local practice survey.

We have two Groups, first we have a group of Patients who are involved in the main group and represent the views of the patients. We would like this group to be as representative as possible, so if you feel that you would like to be part of this group then please speak to the Patient Services Manager in reception. The current Patient Participation group is mainly made up of members over the age of 40. In order for us to have a group more representatives of all our patients we are currently looking for more younger members and those from a greater variety of ethnic groups to join. The second of the engagement groups is a Virtual Group. Patients who would like to hear more about practice initiatives can submit their email address to the Patient Services Manager. We will then send out occasional emails to this list of Patients canvassing their views on different subjects. As and when the group changes we will notify patients through this page or the News feed.

Our Patient Survey is also an ongoing process and gives the option of patients filling in their personnel details such as age gender ethnic origin etc. This is purely voluntary as we understand some patients do not wish to give this information. There is also an area to fill in if you would like to join either of our patient participation groups.

Every Year we summarize the outcomes of the patient survey and present the findings to the Patient Participation Group. We then discuss the issues to come up with a plan of action that they would like to see actioned. The last two years have mainly involved greater access which has resulted in more extended hours on Monday & Friday along with longer surgeries on the other days of the week.

Patient Group meetings take place on a quarterly basis and allow patient representatives to help in the development of the service that our surgery provides.

If you have any problems with our service or believe it is running well then please contact us at any time.

Results of the Patient Survey: 2012/2013

Questions for the Patient Survey were established from initial engagement with Patients in the Practice and with the Patient Participation Group. One of the key areas we were keen to know about was with regard to Patient Access as we have had a few concerns about individuals not getting access to a Doctor when they required.

Once the survey was complete, results were shared with the Patient Participation Group so Actions could be prioritised.

Read the full report for Riverside Retford here.

Read the full report for Riverside Harworth here.


As is often the case, some Patients did report problems getting through on the phones to book an appointment but survey results showed that the vast Majority of Patients thought the service being offered was good enough.

Overall Satisfaction with Access to Clinicians proved to be good with in excess of 90% describing the service as fair or better and more than 34% thought arrangements for an appointment were excellent.

Patients have shown a desire for the Surgery to open more in the evenings and on a Saturday. We are now looking into how we might do this with the limited resources we have available, although we will also have to speak to the PCT regarding some contractual issues.

One development that has taken place since last years Practice Survey is the implementation of our Doctors Advice Service. Those patients who feel they may need an on the day appointment, now call the surgery and have a Doctor call them back to discuss the issue to agree the correct pathway needed to solve the problem. This does not always involve in a face to face consult. It has been extremely well received and resulted in more than a 50% increase in Patient Contact with a GP for those requiring an on the day service.

The staff came out well in the survey with more than 90% of those being surveyed feeling they were treated well by the staff and more than half saying they were excellent.

Next Survey:

In order to get instant feedback on the service we provide, we are hoping that the next survey we issue will be online so we can react faster and provide the best service possible.