Sarah’s London Marathon

Our Practice Nurse, Sarah Nicholson is currently training extremely hard to run the London Marathon on Sunday 2nd October 2022 to raise money for the Haemophilia Society!

The Haemophilia Society is a charity of great importance for those affected by Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Haemophilia has affected Sarah’s family for generations.

“Haemophilia is a rare, lifelong condition that affects the bloods ability to clot. It is usually an inherited condition. Most people who have it are males, but it could also affect females. Our family is affected by factor VIII deficiency, which means that the blood does not clot very easily following an injury. This results in excessive pain, swelling of joints and can be life threatening. Sometimes bleeding occurs spontaneously too, without having had an injury. It can be life limiting and the long term effects include premature arthritis.”

Sarah is aiming to raise £2000 for this brilliant charity. If anyone would like to sponsor her, please click on this link. Thank you very much for kind support.

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