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Online Consultation

If you are acutely unwell and require a same day appointment, we ask that you sign up and submit your request through our NEW online service called ‘Anima’.

Anima seamlessly and confidentially integrates with your medical record bringing improvements to how you access care and appointments. With our new approach, every request for an appointment will be assessed by a member of our Clinical Triage Team and prioritised strictly according to clinical urgency.

Your request will be handled in the exact same manner whether you complete the Anima request online, contact us via telephone or visit in surgery. Our receptionists will ask the same questions in order to increase fairness. The process should take around 3-5 minutes to complete and the questions you answer will ensure that clinicians have all the information they need right away.

We would encourage all patients who can use Anima to do so, as this will prevent you needing to queue on the telephone and keep lines free for those who do not have internet access or may have a disability. Completing an Anima request yourself also provides you with more discretion should you prefer not to discuss your medical problem with one of our receptionists.

You can also add children/dependents onto an Anima account so you can submit requests on their behalf.

Our Triage Team will review all requests and may ask you to come to the surgery for a face-to-face appointment if appropriate.

If the appointments are fully booked for the day and you feel your problem is urgent on the day, we will either advise you can contact 111 or your nearest urgent treatment centre.

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Alert: Online Consultation (Anima)

You can now submit a medical request through our online consultation system Anima, to log in or create an account Please Click Here