If the doctor or nurse considers it appropriate, you will be offered the presence of a trained chaperone during your consultation, or you may request one.

Alternatively, you my prefer to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointment.

Registered GP

Riverside assigns each patient a Registered GP. We believe continuity of care plays an important part of the services we deliver.

Having a registered GP does not affect your right to see any doctor of your choice, subject to appointment availability. This will not change the way you receive care from Riverside.

Please Note: Registered GPs can change from time to time when we employ new GPs and patients need to be distributed fairly. If you would like to ensure your Registered GP stays the same, please let us know.

Alert: Online Consultation

Riverside have introduced a brand-new online system called ‘Anima’ to improve access to care. To register or submit an online request Please Click Here