Friends & Family Data

It is contractual requirement by NHS England that all GP Practices undertake the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT). 
This quick survey is an anonymous feedback tool which allows patients who use NHS Services to have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience that can be used to improve services.

The results of the FFT are published so that patients and members of the public can see how their local services are viewed by those who have used them. 
The results can provide a broad measure of patient experience that can be used alongside other data to inform patient choice.

Please click here to fill out the Friends & Family Survey
Alternatively, you can pickup a paper copy from reception.

April 2023

Out of 60 submissions

May 2023

Out of 12 submissions

June 2023

Out of 566 submissions

August 2023

Out of 466 submissions

July 2023

Out of 451 submissions

September 2023

Out of 506 submissions

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