Gringley Dispensary

Riverside Gringley, is a branch site responsible for dealing with the dispensing of medications to patients who fall within the catchment area of the practice. We help with signposting you to services that may of use and emergency supplies.

About the Dispensary

  • Our Aims are to fulfil your needs.
  • Provide a prompt service.
  • Be friendly, approachable and respectful.
  • Listen to your ideas on how we can improve
  • Address any problems quickly and efficiently
  • Use everyday language, avoid medical jargon.
  • Provide you with confidential advise
  • Suggest other services that may be helpful
  • Comply with NHS Confidentiality.
  • Safely store all information

What do we do?

  • Supply medicines and appliances✔️
  • Dispense appropriate prescriptions✔️
  • Providing information and advice✔️
  • Check patients need all medications requested✔️
  • Maintainance of appropriate records✔️
  • Setup on managed medication trays (MDS)✔️
  • Dispensing of acute prescriptions following GP Appointment✔️
  • Disposal of unwanted medicines✔️

Please click here to read our Dispensary Leaflet on all services

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