• Gringley Dispensary
    Riverside Gringley is our branch site responsible for dealing with the dispensing of medications to patients who fall within the catchment area of the practice. We help with signposting you to services that may of use and emergency supplies.

Our Services

✔️ Supply medicines and appliances
✔️ Dispense appropriate prescriptions
✔️ Providing information and advice
✔️ Check patients need all medications requested
✔️ Maintenance of appropriate records
✔️ Set up on managed medication trays (MDS) to make things easier and safer if you take a number of tablets.
✔️ Dispensing of acute prescriptions following
✔️ Disposal of unwanted medicines. However, we do not accept or dispose of unwanted sharps (needles)

Dispensing Rule

We are unable to dispense for anyone living within 1.6km of a pharmacy but anyone living further than 1.6km DO have the choice to ask for their prescriptions to be dispensed at a Pharmacy/Dispensary of their choice.

About the Dispensary

Our Aims are to fulfil your needs.
Provide a prompt service.
Be friendly, approachable and respectful.
Listen to your ideas on how we can improve
Address any problems quickly and efficiently
Use everyday language, avoid medical jargon.
Provide you with confidential advise
Suggest other services that may be helpful
Comply with NHS Confidentiality.
Safely store all information

Holiday Medication

If you are going away on holiday this is not a problem for us. Please let us know and we can provide an extra month’s medication when you place your usual order. We will be happy to accommodate your request by calling into the dispensary.

Emergency Supply

We can usually help if you need some regular medicines and can’t get in touch with your doctor. We must stress that this can only be done in genuine emergencies.

Please note, there may be a charge for this service.

Delivery Service

As of 28th July 2022, the current prescription collection locations at Mattersey Post Office, Toni Craft and home deliveries will cease.

Please collect your prescriptions from Gringley Dispensary where possible or alternatively we will have our health bus parked up at Mattersey Church car park every Thursday at 10am–11am or Everton Church car park at 11.30am-12.30pm for collections.

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